I am an attorney by profession and private pilot by hobby. Photography is not my forte, instead I just snap a picture here and there over things that interest me as I’m flying. Sometimes I intentionally fly to take a picture, sometimes it’s just something in my flight path. The vast majority of my pictures are of Ohio landmarks but periodically, when travelling, I’ll post any decent shots from the air.

Can you take a picture for me?

Sure, go to my contact page and leave me a message about what and where you want your shot done. If I can do it, I will the next time I go up to fly.

I’m an amateur photographer, can you take me up for some shots?

You bet! Send me a message on my contact page and we’ll try to work something out with our schedules. I don’t need much of an excuse to go up in a plane.

How much will you charge to take me up?

Nothing! Keep in mind that I am a Private pilot not a Commercial pilot. Federal regulations make any compensation improper. With that said, and within the limitations of my own schedule and finances, I am always happy to show someone how much fun general aviation can be!