Columbus at night!


IMG_9247I needed to do a night flight to maintain my currency, so I went up Monday night. It’s tough to keep up with night flights in the summer since sunset is so late. It was 9:05pm on Monday, and “night” for pilots doesn’t start until an hour after that. A 10pm takeoff is pretty late for a guy who is normally up at 6:30am day-in and day-out.


Check out this time-lapse video of the flight:


IMG_9370Did a few landings at Delaware’s airport and then flew south to circle Columbus once. I wasn’t planning on swinging by the Horseshoe since nothing was going on there, but Approach gave me authority without even asking so I figured why pass up the opportunity?


After that, I took a nice leisurely circuit around the city center and then, with currency fulfilled, returned back to base.

I’ve got a few photos in the gallery below, take a look!

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