Columbus Zoo & Zoombezi Bay Waterpark

The Columbus Zoo was very busy today, or maybe it was the connected waterpark. I don’t know, but look at those cars in the parking lot!

The colorful section of the photo is of course the water park. I’ve been there, it’s a ton of fun even for adults. I mean, if you’re an adult that likes water slides. Or even if you don’t, nothing wrong with hanging out in the lazy river with a cocktail.

The Zoo next door is of course the famous Columbus Zoo, once proudly directed by Jack Hanna and consistently rated as the #1 (or close to it) zoo in all of America. Not too bad.

The road along the bottom left of the photo running bottom to top is Riverside drive and it follows the Scioto river along its east bank. The golf course is the Safari Golf Club which is also owned by the zoo.

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