Sycamore, Ohio

A lot of small towns that I see are located next to something of economic value. I couldn’t find a thing with Sycamore. No river, no lake, no quarry or visible mine. Probably¬†a true Midwest farm town. And let me tell you, if you’re not familiar with this area of Ohio, you will never accidentally go to Sycamore. There are no main highways leading to or from any of the Three C’s or even Toledo or Dayton from here. You’re more likely to get stuck behind a tractor than a tractor-trailer. I wonder if their high school football team is any good.

Carey, Ohio

Until I started flying, I never knew how many quarries there were in Ohio. They seem to be everywhere! From about 3,000 ft., they are gorgeous. This is Carey, Ohio. Population of about 3,600 in 2010 and this quarry outside of town is one of the larger ones I’ve flown over to date. It’s about halfway between Columbus and Toledo as the plane flies, but you probably wouldn’t ever see it driving unless you were headed there on purpose… which apparently a lot of people are, according to the all-knowing wikipedia: there is an annual gathering of Catholics, mainly from the Middle East, who come from around the country on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. During this gathering, chanting can be heard even from across town, and thousands of people camp in public parks and empty lots to attend the religious procession. Interesting.

High Banks Metro Park

It looks so much flatter from 2500 ft. I remember sledding here as a kid but from the air I don’t even know where the hill might have been.

I do like taking my dog off leash (which is against the rules, so don’t do it) in the wooded sections. She loves romping around the trees. Once she ran through a patch of burrs and it took hours to pick them all out of her fur.


Mad River Mountain

The mighty¬†Mad River Mountain, home of the finest snow sports in Ohio. This is where I like to spend a lot of time during the winter. It may not be the Rockies, but it’s close to home and keeps you from becoming too rusty if you are going to make big winter trip to a major ski resort.

It has a vertical drop of 300 ft. so sometimes it can feel like you’re running laps, but they have fantastic entertainment at night and a fully stocked bar so there’s always a warm and friendly place to take a break between your runs.

This shot was taken in mid-March so there’s a bit of (artificial) snow on the ground. I’m looking forward to them replacing the loft that they lost in a fire last summer and taking some pictures of the place in operation.

Transport Research Center

This is the test track near Marysville, Ohio which I believe is used by Honda to as a proving ground for their vehicles. The big outer oval is 7.5 miles in length the smaller tracks I don’t know about but I kind of want to drive them. They look like a lot of fun.

The day I was flying over, I saw one car on the big loop. Driving in a single lane at a perfectly steady pace. Worst job in the world.

Catawba Island Club

This is a little community of sailors and power boaters located on Catawba Island in Lake Erie. If you’ve taken the (slow) ferry to Put-in-Bay, you’ve been in the area. This photo was taken in early April and it’s obvious that a lot of the boats are not in the water yet for the season. The difference in water color between the foreground lake just outside of the marina and the background lake is interesting. I’m not sure whether that’s a true color difference or an atmospheric illusion. I didn’t notice the difference while I was flying.