Snowy Horseshoe

Took a new passenger up in the plane a bit before Christmas. We only had an hour or so to kill so I did my standard “new passenger” flight which is a short sight-seeing loop around Columbus.

The Columbus airport is due east of the stadium as you can see on this google map cutout:

Stadium circled on left. Airport highlighted on right.

This means that this particular area of sky can be very busy or completely clear depending on the wind direction.

Planes, as you likely know, take off and land into the wind. Around the stadium, I can ignore planes taking off. They climb fast enough that they are well above me by the time they get to this part of the sky. It’s the landing planes that have a long shallow descent and tend to interrupt photography sessions.

So as long as the wind is out of the west, which it usually is around here, this is pretty easy airspace to navigate. Except for the helicopters.

The Shoe in snow, Dec. 15, 2016

The Horseshoe

I flew over campus today for the sole purpose of taking pictures of The Shoe. That puts the plane directly in the departure/approach path of the big boys landing at Port Columbus Intl. (KCMH) so I had to work with Columbus Approach to make sure no one knocked my wings off. Got one full circuit around the stadium before bugging out to farmland to the west.

The Olentangy River is running north-to-south along the west side of the stadium and 315 is the highway just to the west of that. There’s a dark block-O on top of a roof just to the south-east of the stadium. (Slightly above and to the left) Maybe someone can comment on exactly what building that is. I think maybe the RPAC?

There’s a lacrosse game going on inside the stadium at the time of these pictures; only moderately attended. If there were another thousand people or so in the stands I would have had to fly another 2,000 feet higher.