Close(r) up of John Glenn International

Took my friend Mike up for a sight-seeing tour around Columbus. Got the usual shots of the Horseshoe and a circuit around downtown, but on our way out we did a fly-by of John Glenn International Airport (KCMH) and I got one of my better pictures of the airport.

It was slow, so I should have asked for a touch-and-go, but we were pre-occupied with other sight seeing so we skipped that option.

John Glenn International Airport from the east.

City of Columbus

Today was a fun day in the airplane. Had about one more hour left of flight time until I reached the hours necessary to qualify to for my private pilot check-ride. Which, as it turns out, is scheduled tomorrow.

To burn some time in the air, I decided to fly a low approach at Port Columbus (soon to be John Glenn Columbus Intl.). Approach cleared me into the class C airspace and then tower authorized a touch-and-go. If you look at the first picture in the gallery below, I have a picture of the airport as I’m on my base leg. You can see a Southwest Airlines jet and another commercial jet behind it on the taxiway waiting for my slow little sport plane to touch down and clear the area.

Since I had people waiting on me, I skipped the touch-and-go and just did a low approach, buzzing the runway at a breathtaking 100 knots and putting on a show for the morning passengers. Then I bugged out to circle the city once and get a few photos.

There’s a couple great shots showing the city and the Scioto river and the nearly completed park. Just before I took the airplane back home I got one decent shot of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s campus.