Flying to dinner up north

I was taking my old friend John up for a flight to Put-In-Bay to grab some dinner. John has a few in-laws that are also pilots so this was nothing new to him. Around 1/2 way up there though, we got a text from my parents inviting us to eat at the yacht club. Change of plans, we’ll land at Port Clinton instead and get a bite there.

But since we’re already at the lake, might as well do a quick tour.

Rattlesnake Island to the left, Middle Bass Island is the large island on the right. North Bass Island is the island in the background.

After touring the local islands, it was time to drop in at PCW. Never landed on Runway 18 before there but it has a nice approach over some intra-coastal homes.

Short Final, KPCW, Runway 18

After that it was time to head back. We were running later than planned and definitely going to get a little night flying in, but luckily as you can see from my previous post, I am night current so hauling a passenger was no issue.

We flew high on the way back to get the best wind. Here is what northern Ohio looks like from 10,500 feet.

Northern Ohio, 10,500 feet

It’s all the same. Farm farm farm farm farm. If you spend all your time in Columbus, Cincinnati, or Cleveland and you don’t seem to understand Ohio or Ohio politics, this is why. This is Ohio. The cities are just little dots on the map.

Speaking of which, here we are straight in to runway 23 at night at KOSU.

A little north of highways 270 and 315 heading south to the OSU airport.

Catawba Island

Flew to Port Clinton today for a $100 dollar hamburger. It’s nice to fly over something besides farmland so I took the opportunity to do a quick tour around the perimeter of Catawba Island. Weather was possibly impeding my route back to Columbus so I had to make it a quicker tour than I’d normally have liked.

Larger versions of all of these images are in the gallery at the bottom of the post.

cic2I’ve taken a couple passes by the Catawba Island Club a few months ago but few of the boats were in the water. Now the slips are full. I was able to get two half-decent shots. The facilities there are simply gorgeous although I wish I could have seen the sailors out with sails up. I believe there was supposed to be a race today but I either missed it or else it was cancelled due to inclement weather.


ferry-mouse-pibThen as I circled around the point, here’s a great shot of the ferry dock at the north end of Catawba Island. Mouse Island is the small wooded island right off the point, and South Bass Island, home of the famous Put-In-Bay is the next island out much further in the distance.

west harborComing around to the east side of Catawba Island is the West Harbor. This is sliiiiightly larger than the harbor at the CIC above and used for all sorts of commercial fishing. If you want to charter a fishing trip from some Lake Erie walleye, here’s the place to do it.


thebayLeaving the island, I crossed over this bay. It is connected to the West Harbor and it doesn’t look like the East Harbor and I can’t find a name for it, so if any of you locals know what this body of water is, I sure would like an answer in the comments.