What’s different about this picture?

This was a very short flight. My intentions were to go to brunch with a friend over at Airport I74, Grimes-Urbana. There’s a fantastic diner there right on the tarmac that gives you a great view of the landing and departing aircraft.

It’s only a short flight, but unfortunately, the cloud cover got lower and lower the further west we flew out of OSU. As you can tell it was broken cloud coverage and I could see the tops. So for the first time since I became a pilot, I flew “VFR on top” and got a nice view of some low level cloud cover.


The rule of cloud cover in most airspace is that you need to need to remain at least 500 feet below, 2000 feet away, or 1000 feet above. The reason for that is that if there is a plane in the clouds, you need to have some time to avoid them if they pop out near you.

I was still worried that if I got all the way out to Grimes the cloud cover would be too low and I wouldn’t be able to land, or worse, after brunch, wouldn’t be able to take off. So, I made the decision to turn back.

My friend Ezra co-piloting this flight while my wife and his fiance were out dress shopping.

All in all, a fun little flight made all the more so by going on top of the clouds this time.

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